Slot Overview: Cash Truck 2

Quickspin may have seemed to mock Relax Gaming with Cash Truck/Money Train when the original Cash Truck slot came out. Once the game started, it was clear that Quickspin was serious and had created a tremendously entertaining online slot in an engaging gaming environment with great playability and large hits. The game was a smash, so Quickspin went back to the creative board and created Cash Truck 2.

The scrolling desert following a cash truck effect was cool in Cash Truck. Cash Truck 2 recreates same effect, except instead of rolling desert and Monument Valley-style views, the truck and the player who gets a motorcycle rider’s eye perspective race toward a futuristic metropolis lighted up by a hazy yellow sky. As in Blade Runner 2049, K visits Las Vegas, which has been rendered uninhabitable by a dirty bomb explosion. Cash Truck 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic, ‘do what you have to do to survive’ world like the film. It’s as exhilarating as the first slot (with the metal-driven tracks) and suitable for cyberpunk escapism.

Users can bet 10 p/c to £/€100 and play the main game or buy their way to the bonus round. The Bonus Game is triggered by 85 times the stake for at least three bonus symbols or 250x the bet for two bonus symbols and 1 super bonus symbol. The default RTP is 96.1%, 96.6% for the bonus game, and 96.74% for the Super Bonus Game. Quickspin rates Cash Truck 2 5 out of 5 for its volatility.

Cash Truck 2 has a 6-reel, 7-row grid with 2–4 symbols locked on each reel. After a win, the winning symbols are replaced and up to 3–5 random locked locations are opened to show the symbol. Tumbles continue until no victory. The symbols include clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts for low payments, a blue pistol, a pink gun, a med kit, three character symbols for mediums, and another character for high pays. Getting 6 symbols right pays 0.4x for lows, 0.6 to 1.5x for mediums, and 3x the stake for highs. Wilds replace all pay symbols to join winning lines.

Slot Features of Cash Truck 2

The goal of Cash Truck 2 is to activate the Truck Raider Bonus Game, a game of hold’n’win on steroids. Also, the base game features two unique modifier symbols:

When compressed, all symbols save wilds and scatters fall off the screen. The compressor and surrounding symbols are eliminated after the tumble if no winnings show. Unlock symbols surrounding the compressor.

Cloner – takes 4 to 8 random symbols on the screen and turns them into first reel symbols. The cloner also becomes the sign.

Truck Raider Extra Game

The feature is activated when 3 unlocked bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Bonus Game starts with 1 Expander symbol each bonus symbol if more than 3 trigger the round. The Bonus Game has 3 spins and symbols that multiply the main stake. Landing a symbol resets the spins to 3. Each spin may land cash or special symbols, which lock in place until another feature removes them. The special modifier symbols are:

Expanders open 3 random spots from restricted areas.

A booster boosts its value to all other symbols in the unlocked play area when it lands.

Super Booster – boosts its value to all unlocked symbols when it lands and on each spin.

Grabber—lands and increases the values of all symbols in the unlocked area.

Super Grabber increases the values of all unlocked symbols to itself when it falls and on each spin.

Doubler—doubles when the spin counter resets to 3.

Cloner – takes the greatest value on the unlocked screen and copies it to vacant spaces.

The compressor adds the values of all currency symbols in the unlocked region to itself and eliminates them to make room on the board.

Top Bonus Game

The Super Bonus Game is granted if one of the triggering symbols was a super bonus symbol. The rules remain the same, but the Super Bonus symbol becomes a Doubler, Super Booster, or Super Grabber for the feature.

Cash Truck 2 Slot Review

The second Cash Truck game isn’t Cash Truck 2. This was Cash Truck Xmas Delivery, a Christmas-themed lorry-chasing game for gamers. Cash Truck 2 is a full-blown part two sequel with nothing more to offer fans of the first. The music, mood, and gameplay may be heavy. While tweaking statistics and features, Quickspin recreated the exhilarating atmosphere of Cash Truck, producing another immersive gaming environment for players to lose themselves in. If Cash Truck got your blood flowing, Cash Truck 2 is a must-see.

A casual cash grab wouldn’t work since the game is difficult. Organic free spins triggers might be difficult to activate, and buying the Truck Raider Bonus Game can be hit or miss. It’s redundant to mention if you know Cash Truck, but putting it out there. However, Cash Truck 2 may fly when grabbin’s good. The studio’s test run of 84 million spins yielded 35,000x the stake as the biggest win. The default RTP and win probability, such as Super Win (40x) 1 in 237, Mega Win (70x) 1 in 467, and Epic Win (100x) 1 in 822, are better than previously. Please note that the return value has three lower settings.

The sequel’s enhancements are minor and may not impact the series drastically. Thus, some gamers may believe the thrill has died down, resulting in conflicting emotions. Cash Truck 2’s stable gameplay and refined improvements make it a worthy continuation. The Cash Truck range’s ability to transport players to a post-apocalyptic world where law, order, and polite society have collapsed, revealing humanity’s darker, dog-eat-dog side is its brilliance.






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